KnockTV is established to redefine what Christian television means in America. We are doing so through the creation of an entirely new breed of television programming for Christians which essentially does not exist today.

KnockTV is breaking the mold and targeting the launch of mass appeal programming for Christians throughout the country.

KnockTV offers reality Christian television, best described as “Unscripted Christian Life in America”. Reality TV has made its mark on society and has continued in strength and popularity, but the shock value and increasingly negative Reality TV offerings are also on the rise. KnockTV‘s reality programming is based upon fundamental, Christian, biblical principles.

At this point in time, all KnockTV programming is available on the Internet, on-demand, 24/7.  This means any Internet connected device like a computer, tablet, smartphone, other handheld devices, etc., can all access the programs.  Once an episode is uploaded to KnockTV.com for viewing, it will remain available online for the foreseeable future.

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