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KnockTV is the emerging leader in a new category of Christian television.  There are many opportunities available to advertise with us and reach a newly refined segment with a new breed of programming content.

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“The emerging leader in a new category of Christian Television”

KnockTV offers a diversity of unscripted, reality-based Christian television programming. This programming is based upon fundamental Christian beliefs, ethics and morals, showing the power of God moving through real Christians in their daily lives. KnockTV is considered an alternative to current Christian television, which breaks the mold of the historical Christian television business model and offerings by providing programming that is educational, entertaining and exciting to watch. The result is Christian television that is appealing to a much more broad Christian audience, and even in some cases a secular one. At its core, KnockTV is helping facilitate the long-term, widespread growth in understanding, acceptance and adoption of fundamental and essential Christian principles and actions by showing them to be commonplace in the lives of believers throughout the nation.



KnockTV was created in 2011 and is a Limited Liability Corporation in the State of Florida, headquartered in Tampa. The primary outlet of its television programming is the Internet, available at The company plans to launch cablecasting via cable distribution in 2013, proving viewer interest and viability of the business model via the Internet first.

While KnockTV naturally has high production and entertainment values, our content is also distinguished by solid Christian values. Across all programs produced, KnockTV seeks to provide our audience with relevant, entertaining, inspirational, engaging, educational and appropriate content covering all aspects of Christian life in America.

It is the policy of KnockTV that our programs avoid any favoritism towards, or negative bias against, any Christian denomination or non-denominational group. We recognize a Christian as someone who believes Jesus is the Son of God, sent to save the world from sin, born of a virgin, who died for the sins of mankind, rose from the dead, rejoined God the Father in Heaven, and will return again one day for His second-coming. Differences of theology and opinion related to matters other than this fundamental belief in Jesus Christ are considered important, yet not significant from a programming standpoint. Christ is the center of the Christian faith, and hence, KnockTV programming avoids denominational barriers which have been established among the Body of Christ.



The KnockTV targeted viewers are Christians throughout America. It is estimated that approximately 76% of Americans consider themselves to be Christians. This is an estimated 235 million Christians in the U.S. Of them, approximately 45% consider themselves to be “Born-again” or “Evangelical” Christians, highlighting that 106 million Americans are in this category, or 35% of all Americans (Source: American Religious Identification Survey “ARIS”, 2008; Barry A. Kosmin and Ariela Keysar Summary Report 2009). KnockTV promotes Christian values which most Christians in this category favor.

Both men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 are the focus of programming by KnockTV. The programming lineup intentionally varies across multiple programs which are tailored towards men or women, and multiple age categories. In total, however, KnockTV has broad appeal to most Christian adults, men and women.



KnockTV is leading a redefinition of Christian television in America.

KnockTV is the first to the marketplace with a complete lineup of unscripted, Christian, reality-based television programming targeting Christians.

KnockTV is the only television network dedicated to a Christian audience, with mass market appeal, offering mainstream quality programming with blatantly Christian values and themes.

KnockTV has a one-of-a-kind Christian television network business model, welcoming corporate advertisers who wish to market their brand and product lines to Christians.

KnockTV is promoting fundamental biblical principles through a “reality” genre of television programming not available through any other network.

KnockTV utilizes social media strategies to promote its programming in highly effective ways, increasing web traffic and viewership at a rapid pace compared to solely relying upon traditional marketing and advertising by television networks.



KnockTV provides multiple opportunities for advertisers to choose from.



The design of the ads is the responsbility of the advertiser. Sizes and dimensions are enforced for the mutual benefit of everyone involved, including KnockTV, its viewers and other advertisers.

KnockTV reserves the right to approve all ads and to reject any advertiser for any reason. Advertisers should carefully consider the design and content of their ads, taking into account the Christian viewing audience.

KnockTV is not responsible for any claims resulting from ads placed on its site, or for any errors in the ad itself.

Rates for advertising can be obtained by contacting KnockTV.




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