KnockTV is actively seeking arrangements with production companies looking for outlets to carry high quality, high impact, Christian television programming.  If you fit this description, please Contact Us.

KnockTV‘s first show, SURRENDER THE SECRET, is a co-production between Emmy Award-winning Cecil Stokes, Producer and Owner of Tentmakers Entertainment, and the Ships of Tarshish, Inc.


Ships of Tarshish Productions

Ships of Tarshish is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Production of SURRENDER THE SECRET is being funded through tax-exempt, charitable donations by individuals wanting to promote the message delivered in the show.

Ships of Tarshish has a numerous lineup of other Christian reality TV programming ideas on the table, ready for production.  These include show topics such as:

Ships of Tarshish is seeking charitable donations for production of these and many more new and exciting Christian Realty TV programs.  If you are interested in helping to see these or any other shows produced, contact Ships of Tarshish HERE to learn more about them, engage in a dialogue about their productions, or donate to the cause.

Ships of Tarshish, Inc.




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