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SURRENDER THE SECRET tells the real-life abortion stories of five women, and follows them as they go through post-abortion recovery. Together, these brave women embark upon a healing journey using an eight session bible study called Surrendering the Secret (authored by Pat Layton, LifeWay Press, 2008), specifically written for women who have had an abortion. See how they work through different healing exercises which help them get free from the bondages of pain, guilt and shame.

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Episode 10

A behind the scenes look at the making the series. See how the hand of God was on every aspect of the show, and how God called all involved to be a part. Hear Producer Cecil Stokes’ perspectives on what went into creating this groundbreaking series.

Premiere: April 9
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Episode 9

The group watches the emotional feature film October Baby. Afterwards, they get a surprise visitor… Shari Rigby, one of the stars of the film. Watch the women’s reactions to the film, and hear Shari’s perspectives of being on the set of such a powerful movie while beginning a healing journey of her own.

Premiere: March 26
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Episode 8

The women burn their masks and letters they previously felt defined them, and prepare to move forward into a life free of guilt and condemnation, having been set free through Christ.

Premiere: March 12
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Episode 7

A memorial service is given in honor of each unborn child. This allows the women permission to mourn and to release the words they have so long needed to say.

Premiere: March 5
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Episode 6

Having previously released their anger and received God’s forgiveness, the women are ready to move into the great exchange. The great exchange is about learning that their true identity is in Christ and not in themselves.

Premiere: February 26
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Episode 5

The women learn to understand God’s love and to receive His forgiveness, and that the blood of Jesus is greater than any sin ever committed, including their abortion. Vanessa shares with the group that a close friend has come to her for help in a crisis pregnancy situation and is considering an abortion.

Premiere: February 19
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Episode 4

The women are given permission to vent and release their anger they have been internalizing. Their anger is dealt with so that by the end of the session, it is transformed into a Godly anger to then be a part of the battle in the fight against abortion.

Premiere: February 12
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Episode 3

The women must face the revealing truth about abortion, the procedures, the development of the unborn child, and the abortion industry itself. Facing the truth is necessary to avoid any relapse in their healing journey.

Premiere: February 5
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Episode 2

One of the more difficult sessions on the women’s journey. They share their abortion secrets and the painful circumstances that surrounded their decisions.

Premiere: January 29
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Episode 1

Meet the women and watch them introduce themselves into a bible study no one is proud to be part of, but they so desperately need.

Premiere: January 22
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Watch the Preview to the first season of SURRENDER THE SECRET as Vanessa is on her way to the first session of the bible study.

Premiere: January 22, 2013
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Coming Up This Season

Watch the clip reel of dramatic moments from Season 1 of SURRENDER THE SECRET.

Premiere: January 22, 2013
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