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In Episode 1 of SURRENDER THE SECRET, meet the women and watch them introduce themselves into a bible study no one is proud to be part of, but they so desperately need. Learn why it is important for them to go back to the past and face their abortions, in order to go forward to freedom. See how Vanessa is challenged in her own thoughts, as she hesitates to go through this bible study because like most post-abortive women, this could be the hardest secret to share. Become informed about some of the troubling statistics on the abortion problem in the U.S., and listen as the women tell how their abortions continue to surface in every-day life situations.

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SURRENDER THE SECRET tells the real-life abortion stories of five women, and follows them as they go through post-abortion recovery. Together, these brave women embark upon a healing journey using an eight session bible study called Surrendering the Secret (authored by Pat Layton, LifeWay Press, 2008), specifically written for women who have had an abortion. See how they work through different healing exercises which help them get free from the bondages of pain, guilt and shame.

With an estimated 43% of women in the United States having had an abortion, and over 54,000,000 babies aborted since the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, the number of women suffering with their abortion secret is staggering.

Over the ten episodes of this first-of-a-kind Christian reality TV series, the women form a close bond and trust each other as they open up and share their darkest secret, and how it has affected their lives. SURRENDER THE SECRET shows their amazing transformation, spiritually, emotionally and even physically, coming from the pain and shame of having an abortion in their past, releasing their anger, receiving forgiveness and finding peace in God’s love and grace.

SURRENDER THE SECRET is the result of a desire to reach the millions of women who have aborted their children, and give a voice to the multitude of these women who have hidden the pain and are unable to share it. This is the voice that has been absent in the continual abortion debate — a woman’s choice versus life of the baby. The women in SURRENDER THE SECRET made the choice to have an abortion, and are here to share with the world that it hurts women. From their own experiences, they can speak the truth about abortion and stand in the gap for other women who have been unable to speak out because of the shame and the pain. Their heart’s desire is to help reach all the women who have had an abortion and let them know there is hope and healing available. SURRENDER THE SECRET will also help educate women who may be faced with an unplanned pregnancy, so they are more aware of all the statistics before they become one.

It is not too often that a new television series is created which breaks new ground, and has the ability to move the landscape of culture. SURRENDER THE SECRET is recognized as potentially having this level of impact. The power of this program will be deeply felt by viewers of all kinds. Regardless of whether or not you have had an abortion in your past, the emotional connection to be made with the five women on this journey is undeniable.

Cry with them, laugh with them, become more educated and rejoice in their healing transformations as they take the amazing journey to surrender their secrets.


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Profoundly Wise, A Shepherd’s Heart

Jill has an outward beauty that draws you near, but even more inspiring is her captivating inward beauty – a result of the Holy Spirit’s work. In her eyes you see strength and the hope that there is a better place, an ability to move forward towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Jill is called by God, anointed to lead this group of women on their healing journey, and does so with humility. Her beauty is a reflection of God’s glory, and she acknowledges God’s amazing grace which saved her. The shepherd’s heart within walks in love and grace, yearning to reach women in multitudes, yet seeks them one by one.


Simply Real, Poised

Vanessa loves the Lord, and takes comfort in her personal relationship with Him. She believes God’s word and knows she is forgiven of her sins, including her abortion, however she yearns for something more – a breakthrough to move forward into all God has to offer. Brave with natural beauty is how many see her as she enters the group, somewhat guarded and independent, challenged as to whether or not she needs to go through this bible study. Obedient to God’s calling, she leans not on her own understanding and trusts God that this bible study is the right next step in her life’s journey. She is real and down to Earth and her words are captivating. Vanessa’s great faith in God brings a sense of significant strength to the group.


Bold Truth, Joyful Strength

Drawing strength from her own testimony, Kelly speaks with authority from a position of knowledge and sometimes hard truth. Having been through this bible study before, Kelly has experienced more freedom to voice abortion truths. This allows her to openly discuss the issues and struggles the post-abortive woman faces. But her own healing journey is not over. Kelly has another secret yet to be revealed, which explains why she felt led to go through the bible study again. The healing process from abortion is a progression for most women because it is multi-layered and takes time. As Kelly exposes additional truths from her own past, her healing progresses even more. Kelly brings her own style of eloquent beauty to this heavy topic which helps bring encouragement to the women through the joy of the Lord.


Compassionate, Warm Smile

Courtney draws you in and captures your heart. She brings a warm and nurturing embrace to the group. Her testimony tells the untold truth about what happened to her and her baby during her abortion procedure. You can begin to relate with her brokenness and despair as she shares that her family knew of her pregnancy and her abortion. She expresses the pain and judgment she felt for years to come. What they must have thought of her has been something she has battled in her thoughts. But the one thing she has held onto is the knowledge that God was with her every step of the way, never forsaking her. Courtney has a big heart. She empathizes with the others in the bible study, loving them along the way. Her loving beauty leaves an unmistakable impression on the group.


Introspective, Humbly Patient, Peaceful

Jane, like so many other women, bought the lie that an abortion would be the solution to her crisis pregnancy. She was told her life would go back to normal afterwards.  Underneath her natural beauty, the pain resulting from her abortion still resides. At times even tormented, she lives with the fact that she aborted the only child she would ever conceive. For many years she has allowed the enemy to convince her that she did not deserve to have any more children. Jane has learned to conceal the pain deep inside, but she still battles the enemy and what he has stolen from her on so many levels. Jane is able to so delicately express the truths surrounding abortion not only from an emotional perspective, but a psychological one as well. She is one of the multitudes of women who never conceived following her abortion.



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  • ok2breal says:

    Beautiful!  Amazing show – testimonies and study!

  • hopeinchrist says:

    I am very excited to watch the show.I just
    stared my group study.I can’t wait to see
    what God has for my life.

  • OriahnaPerez says:

    This is a Truly Amazing Show. Every women should watch this. This is what we need to do as Christians, reach out to others and not let our human emotions of hate be the forefront of our actions.

  • Gema Patzer says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > Episode 1 | Knock TV < Loved it!

  • Lisa Courkamp says:

    I both cheered, and cried, with joy and relief when I saw on the Fox channel that this series would be airing. For 25 years, I was engulfed in the same secret pain, regret and shame these brave women are sharing. It wasn’t until I went to may Pastor two years ago to let the ugly “cat out of the bag” that I began to see God’s love for me. A love I never felt I deserved after my abortion. With my Pastor I wept like I’ve never wept before for my horrible decision, the loss of my child’s life, and I prayed with him for healing in my life. while I know I am forgiven by Him for my abortion in truth I am still working on forgiveness for myself. That is the hardest part; forgiving myself. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my abortion or how very, very much I miss my child. This series should be viewed by every woman, but especially those who have had abortions and those who are Pro Choice.




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